Welcome to Serendipity Arts {Virtual}!

The 14th of December is a special day for Serendipity—we would usually be found running across venues in Panjim, coordinating, calling, commiserating, snacking on-the-go as every little element came together to form the opening of the Festival. This year we are within the four walls of our home, our fingers are tapping away, our earphones are relaying the voices of our colleagues, and all eyes are on one place—the screen. 

On 14th, we may not be offering you a quick glass of neembu pani but we are with you and with one another, gliding across different web venues—all of which want to engage with you, listen to you, speak with you. Will you meet us on the webs?  

Serendipity Arts Virtual is our co-exploration of these and many other questions raised by curators and artists. Join us for a series of internet-based programmes including interactive performances, workshops, and panel discussions. Mark your calendars till the 21st of December!


04 DEC 2020

04 DEC 2020