1001 Nights in Quarantine is a story project written by all of us. We want to grow a live tree of stories online. Borrowing the form of 1001 Nights, all stories are left unfinished and ready to be completed by a stranger, who will then add their own unfinished story. A story can be finished multiple times, each alternate ending form a new story branch of its own. 

Embracing the possibility of online, it is about finding connection in a time of disconnection. It is about communication, trust and creativity. It is about sharing an imaginative space in live time when we cannot share a physical space.

A 1001 Nights in Quarantine is a part of My story | Your story | Our story curated by Anmol Vellani.

The workshop will be for all age groups but for non-writers. Particularly those who have never really written a story and even if they have, they don’t think of themselves as writers. 

This workshop will give a basic sense of how to begin writing and how to get over any inhibitions of writing stories. We believe we have something important that is inherent to the mode of leaving stories incomplete and letting go of the authority of writing that can ease up apprehensions of first time writers. This will be the focus of the workshop. We will also look at how emotions, political reflections and unresolved conflicts can find expression in such short stories. We will also dwell on how to read incomplete stories and what it means to not have fixed notions of what is or isn’t a ‘proper’ story.