Since its inception, Serendipity Arts Festival has made considerable and conscious efforts to make the festival as accessible as possible to a diverse community of art lovers. The current situation is only a challenge to our imagination, thus leading us to curate accessibility via digital media and platforms. Access For ALL has curated Senses Virtual, a digital platform to provide access via inclusive arts based therapies and creative workshops focusing on mental health and diversity. 

Found Object Portrait

Build a portrait with various objects you can find around the house!

Date : 15th December 2020

Time : 6:30pm – 7:30pm 

Inclusive and Open For All

No. of participants: 30

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Text Zentangle

This Zentangle workshop is focused on creating pattern designs and mindfulness (purposely drawing something) to avoid random thoughts. Zentangle helps us establish an internal nonverbal language of patterns and proportions, opening the door to new perceptions that are usually blocked off from our awareness. Just like mandalas, this method is a form of “modern meditation”.

Date : 16th December 2020

Time : 3:00pm – 4:00pm 

Inclusive and Open For All

No. of participants: 15

Venue: Zoom

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Arty Tuesdays: Hatch it! – Inspired by Gond Art

This workshop draws inspiration from Gond art and exposes children to a new style of rendering and expression. Gond paintings are a form of painting from folk and tribal art from central India.

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Inclusive Home Care Management

The current situation has restricted mobility for all, including those with special needs, keeping them away from any form of therapy or engagement. Access For ALL has come  up with some resourceful DIY activities which parents and caretakers can use for persons with special needs. The activities are designed keeping in mind the lack of availability of additional resources and how basic things at home can be altered for a sensory and motor-skills engagement for special-needs participants.

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That’s NOT me! – HEAL with SELF

Without a creative outlet, the stress and mental fatigue can become overwhelming. This session is all about self-reassurance, positivity and art. This conscious and focused activity will be able to help get into and unlock, de-stress, and initiate a process of healing from within.

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Siddhant Shah
Arts Accessibility expert, Arts based therapist and an educationist, Shah has been working in the space of arts and inclusion in India and around the world. He has been designing curriculum on Design & Disabilities; and lecturing on the same at various platforms like TEDx and institutes like IIT Guwahati, XLRI Jamshedpur, NID and others.

Access For All
Access For ALL is an one stop destination for all accessibility, inclusion and diversity needs. It aims to bridge the gap between arts, cultural heritage and disabilities by providing state of the art facilities, services and products. It is the first organization to receive a national level award and the Nipman Foundation’s Microsoft Equal Opportunities Award as an Enabler in segment of Universal Design. Access For All has been working across the globe and has a staff with varying abilities. The focus is clear – Nothing For Them Without Them.