Introducing…Antigone, Interrupted is a unique online event combining footage from our original stage production, scenes reimagined for the digital medium and real time meet-the-artist conversation. The event will give audiences an opportunity to “meet the characters” and hear from choreographer Joan Clevillé and dancer Solène Weinachter.  

Performance elements will be weaved with discussion and opportunities to delve into various topics such as the creation of Antigone, Interrupted, the relevance of a classic story in our contemporary reality, and the role of the arts in our communities moving forwards. This event can be accessed online via home-viewing.


Antigone is the final chapter of a long saga of myths surrounding the house of Laius, King of Thebes, so it would have been very familiar to audiences in Athens when Sophocles’ original tragedy was first performed at the Great Dionysia festival around 440 BC.

Antigone is the teenage daughter of the infamous king Oedipus, who blinds himself and dies in exile after realising he has married his own mother, Jocasta. Antigone’s brothers, Eteocles and Polynices, agree to rule the city in alternative years, but soon their desire for power leads them to war, during which they slay one another. With all male heirs dead, Creon, brother of Jocasta, takes over as king of Thebes. This is the point at which our story begins: Antigone meets her sister Ismene outside the city walls to plot against the king’s order banning Polynices’ burial.


Antigone, daughter of Oedipus and princess of Thebes.
Ismene, her sister.
Creon, uncle of Antigone and new king of Thebes.


Conceived and directed | Joan Clevillé
Choreography | Joan Clevillé in collaboration with Solène Weinachter
Performer | Solène Weinachter
Sound Design | Luke Sutherland
Technical Support | Adam McCall
Production Support | Katie Daniel
Written by | Joan Clevillé and featuring excerpts from Sophocles’ original tragedy translated by Don Taylor, Seamus Heaney and Owen McCafferty