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Nihayati Niji Baatein

It was 5 pm, i had just finished my last tuition of Saturday, when Mr Anmol called. He asked if i would like to make a video for a art festival. A video for a festival! I immediately said yes, and after a quick cup of tea, made the videoMy first ever video. It was terrible, the video i mean. Totally wrong.  

Then i started making them every day, before and after tuition, each becoming better than the first –  more funny, more educational, more to the point. You see, in the first one, i did not know how it is done, i just did it, said things i would never ever say, not even to myself, let alone to someone I have never met or seen i.e.You. I think of you sometimes. You will watch the video, (dekhna please) and you are real. I made the video and i am real. And yet, we are not fully real, i mean, not to each other. You are out there, somewhere, as i am out here, somewhere. In a way we are together now but also alone.  We can choose to  be totally real with each other or totally fake with each other. I am choosing the first option and so uploading that first video, the totally wrong one 

Asha hai app jawab mein kuch bhejenge zaroor – audio, video ya chand Lineney  
Real ya fake, aapke jawab ka intezar rahega



20 Min followed by feedback

Nihayati Niji Baatein is part of My Story | Your Story | Our Story curated by Anmol Vellani


Geeta Tyagi lives with her cat Rani in Ramesh Nagar. In 1993, after failing to qualify for the final round of Ms Ramesh Nagar, Geeta turned to teaching. Past 25 years Geeta has devoted herself to taking private tuitions, English – Maths – Science, teaching 6th – 7th and 8th standard. 

Geeta has always dreamt of travelling to far away lands and meeting new people. Venice, Agra and Tokyo top her list of places to see. Other than travel she is also interested in Beauty, Homeopathy and Bonsai. 

While she has always thought of herself as an ordinary person – average in all departments – she firmly believes the extraordinary comes our way at some point in life, whether we fail or qualify for the final round, whether we live in  Ramesh Nagar or Reykjavik.  

This is her first time in the virtual world. She hopes for the extraordinary to come into her life, in some  form, through her first (totally wrong) video.



Sincere regards to  Mr Anuj (Lajpat Nagar) and Mr Nishant (Karol Bagh ) for their creativity of poster and drawing. 

And for the poster film.