The nature of a photo archive and its purposes have changed over time; the advancement of digital technology has introduced newer means of creating and conserving these archives, often in conjunction with associated oral histories. With an objective of discussing some of the crucial questions that arise from the physical and intellectual components of such research, Goa Familia is facilitating a dialogue between individuals who are actively involved with gathering oral histories that find form in photographic material. The invited speakers will share insights on processes, methodologies and the complexities of interpreting memory.

Unlocking Memory: A Conversation on Gathering Oral Histories is a part of Goa Familia curated by Lina Vincent and Akshay Mahajan.


Akshay Mahajan of Goa Familia
Anusha Yadav of Indian Memory Project
Lina Vincent of Goa Familia 
Matias Fonseca of Memorias de Pangim
Naresh Fernandes author of Taj Mahal Foxtrot
Samar Halarnkar of India Love Project


Anusha Yadav is a photographer, art books and brand legacy designer as well as the founder of Indian Memory Project – The world’s first, and one of the most admired online visual & narrative archives. The project traces the personal identities & histories of the Indian Subcontinent via photographs and narratives submitted via people’s personal archives. Embraced by international academe, syllabi, and researchers across media worldwide, Indian Memory project stands as an exemplary pioneer of an alternate method for collective pasts to be organised, shared, and understood. The project has inspired several countries and cultural entities to compose their own formats of documenting histories, personal and collective remembrances, through the lens of visual materials and contextualised narratives. Anusha has received several national and international accolades for excellence and innovation in Cultural design, and Digital Arts. Anusha lives and works in Mumbai, India.

“I’m Matias Fonseca, creator of Memorias de Pangim page on Instagram. Having lived in Panjim throughout my life, I fell in love with this city, known for its winding streets and beautiful colourful houses.Though I’m not an historian, I’ve always been eager to know the past. Panjim having  a lot of history, I wanted to share this information using pictures from the past and re creating the same to preserve and appreciate the wonderful memories of the yesteryear’s. My page will either take you down memory lane or paint a picture of Panjim during the olden days.” 

Naresh Fernandes is the editor of, an independent digital news publication. He is the author of Taj Mahal Foxtrot: The Story of Bombay’s Jazz Age and City Adrift: A Short Biography of Bombay.

In a country increasingly fractured by religion, India Love Project is an attempt at unity, a chronicle of love outside the shackles of faith, caste, ethnicity and gender. ILP carries first-person accounts–or narratives from offspring–of couples who surmount these hurdles, revealing to us the possibilities of love without obstacles and serve as beacons of hope. It eventually hopes to become a community where those seeking love beyond traditional confines can find advice and support. ILP was founded in October 2020 by three journalists: Priya Ramani, Niloufer Venkatraman and Samar Halarnkar. You can find ILP on Instagram @IndiaLoveProject and Facebook (